Entrepreneurship Journey

Entrepreneurship should not be understood merely as ability to open a business. More than that, entrepreneurship should be understood as the momentum to change the mentality, mindset and culture of social change.

The basic principles of entrepreneurship are how to build a strong character, creative, innovative, intelligent, independent, productive and able to take advantage of opportunities or resources. Therefore, with the broad sense, the development of entrepreneurship should be across the field, not only a business.

There are many reasons to claim that entrepreneurship is for everyone.

Firsteveryone has ideals, dreams, or at least hope to improve the quality of life as human beings. This is a kind of “intuition” that drives people to work. This “intuition” is associated with one of the potential of humanity, the power of creative imagination.

Humans are creatures of God who were awarded the creative imagination, so they can use it to think. That thought can be directed to the past, present, and future. By thinking, they can seek answers to important questions, like: Where I come from? Where I am right now? Where I am going? And what shall I pass on to this world?

The past, present, and future related with the power of our imagination. In those days, all of the obstacles, hardship, and very rewarding life mixed into one. So, if Poppy King, the young entrepreneurs from Australia, said that the three things that an entrepreneur faces in any field; it mean that entrepreneurship is for everyone. There are no people on this earth who have never faced obstacles and difficulties to achieve their ideals and dreams.

Secondentrepreneurship is basically for everyone, because it can be learned. Peter F. Drucker wrote in Innovation and Entrepreneurship that, “Everyone who has the courage to take the decision, he learn to be entrepreneurs, and behave like entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the behavior of personality, which essentially lies in the concept and theory, not on intuition”. Behavior, concepts, and theories can be learned by anyone. As long as we are willing to open our hearts and minds to learn, we have the opportunity to be self-employment. We should realize that learning is an ongoing process, which does not necessarily mean starting and ending at a particular school or university, but it can be done for life, anywhere and anytime, so learning entrepreneurship can be done by anyone.

Thirdthe fact shows us that the most successful entrepreneurs are human like other people. Sabeer Bathia, a digital entrepreneur that launches Hotmail.com on July 4, 1996, just realized this after he studied to Steve Jobs, the inventor of the personal computer, Apple. His consciousness made him confident when he set the price of his discovery for U.S. $ 400 million to Bill Gates, Microsoft’s owners.

Fourthsuccess tips owned successful entrepreneurs is basically very simple. No need for an extraordinary man, but everyone can do it. The tips are driven by ideas and dreams, rely more on creativity, believe in a real business, see problems as opportunities, choose the business based on their hobby and interest, starting with a minimum investment, happy to try new things, always get up from the failure, and not rely on academic degrees.

Fifthentrepreneurship drive people to leadership; and leadership are for everyone.

Bring into the world new entrepreneurs are not simple; it is easier to be said than done. Therefore, there are some necessary preparations in terms of education, regulation, human resources and finance that are always a problem. New entrepreneurs can bear by itself, but in small numbers. We need integrated actions, so we can produce qualified and significant number of entrepreneurs.

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How To be Your Own Boss

Many people dream of opening their own business and establishing themselves through that business. Probably the most popular aspect of starting your own business is the fact that doing so means being your own boss. Thanks to today’s technology gaining an education in entrepreneurship is easy, convenient and just a mouse click away.

Entrepreneurship education online is distinctive and its focus on realization of opportunity can turn a great idea into a successful business. Students are taught to use their passions to earn a profit. Learning to start a small business correctly through education can jump start a healthy, long, and successful business.

A couple of options are available online for individuals who want to learn what it takes to build a business without sacrificing a full time job to do so. Students can choose an online program to gain a certificate in entrepreneurship in less than eight months. A program of this nature will have interested students taking four courses to gain a certificate upon graduation. These courses would cover strategy, sales, marketing, leadership, organization, finance, and funding all relating to optimizing the greatest success.

A strategy course will cover components of idea and concept creation, phases of the entrepreneurial process and the different roles of management teams and advisors. Specific topics that would be discussed in this type of course would consist of differentiation, competitive strategy, and the role of information technology. Intellectual property, exit strategies, elements of a business plan, and how to develop the feasibility analysis would also be taught as part of the course load.

For a program of this nature each class could cost around $600 per credit hour. This does not include the prices for the registration fee or technology fee, which may cost around $50 each. The total tuition cost per course could roughly cost around $2,800. Students would complete the program at the end of eight months with an online graduate certificate in entrepreneurship.

Individuals have the option of gaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an online school. A bachelor’s program studies entrepreneurship through case studies, principles of Internet use and web design, team projects, and more. Students will develop effective business communication skills, problem solving techniques, as well as critical thinking. A master’s offers a more rigorous education that is more geared towards mid-career professionals. This type of advanced degree training gives students the innovation and flexibility that is required when undertaking the task of building their own companies.

Having what it takes to become an entrepreneur requires drive and determination, self discipline, and comfort with the fact that being your own boss means doing everything yourself. This fact gives the basic job description of point-of-sale, which is translated into direct contact with costumers, advertising, marketing, product presentation, and traveling. The spirit of business is growing and enabling more individuals to take ownership of their responsibilities. Big corporations value an entrepreneur because they are willing and ready to make sacrifices to gain a foothold for their business.

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